I would like to share some points on software that I discovered to help ensure that I keep my privacy on the internet, called FREE HIDE IP. There are certain websites that build a profile about your Internet activities. They know where you reside and which websites you search and visit. This is all done via your IP address and cookies.

I have been looking for some time now for software to hide my IP Address. I had to do this to mine search-engines for links. The reason was that I do SEO work for a number of my clients and I needed to find out where they are ranked on the search-engines. However, some search-engines block IP addresses if found to be scraping their site. With the above mention in mind I embarked on an endeavour to search for ways that would enable me to hide my IP address.

You may want to hide your IP address for a different reason such as ensuring that your internet surfing remains private, or by passing a fire wall that prevents your IP address from visiting a certain website.

After doing research on a number of different software packages available on the Internet I and found a few with the suited my requirements to:

1. Automatically change my IP every 5 to 10 min.
2. Find IP addresses in different countries.
3. It must be easy and quick to set-up and use.
4. It must work properly and nor have blocked IP addresses.
5. And last but not the least it must be affordable.

I would like to recommend FREE HIDE IP for those that would like to hide their IP address. Privacy on the Internet is extremely important for all users.

FREE HIDE IP is free software that gives you one free USA IP address every time you activate it.

If you want the option to change your IP automatically and select the countries in which these IP addresses originates then you will need to buy a license for FREE HIDE IP PRO. This is the route I underwent after using FREE HIDE IP for a while.

After installing FREE HIDE IP and setting the settings to your preference, all you will need to do is click on hide ip and you are private.

Please visit the FREE HIDE IP website and experience it for yourself. There are no hidden costs, just download and install.

I currently use FREE HIDE IP and can honestly say that I am more than satisfied. To have peace of mind while I am surfing the internet is a tremendous bonus.

Pieter Nagel