Search engine optimization also called SEO.

To run a business on the internet or to promote your business or organization, this is a must. How will possible clients find you on the internet? You need to be listed on the search engines and on the first 3 pages at least.

After having you website created and published on the internet,getting prospective clients to you website is the next thing to do.

I will be discussing two of the ways to market or promote your website on the internet.
    1. You can make use of advert's on the internet like addword from Google
      The other way is to optimize your website so that people making use of a search engine looking for the products or services you provide can find you easy.
  • Submitting your website to search engines is very important else the search engines may never find your website and list it. The only problem in just submitting your website to these search engines is that some search phrases have millions of results.

    As can be seen above there are 3,150,000 for Selfcatering accommodation. Lets say your website is number 2,053,000 in the list. This will mean that your business will be displayed on page 205300.

    Reseach have proven that only 4% of search engine users look at more then 3 pages of results per search phrase. So this means that if you are not on the first 3 pages the prospective clients will never find you.

    What is the answer to this problem? SEO. I can optimize your website on the best keywords and phrases for it to be listed on the first 3 Pages of the search engines. This is an ongoing excise as search engines changes their ranking logarithm's to prevent people of manipulating the system to get higher rankings.

    The costs involved is: R550.00 ($78.57) once off and then R95.00 ($13.57) per month.

    This includes:
    1. A initial optimization and submition to the search engines.
    2. A monthly report.
    3. Access to web stats.