Marketing your Website on the Internet.

Pay per Click

Pay per Click is most probley the most effective way to market your website on the internet.

This system require some advertising capital and works as follow:
On search engines like Google and other websites you will find adds on the top, sides and bottom of pages. If you click on the advert you will be redirected to the website that is advertised.

You as advertiser will only pay for every click that is made on your advert and then re-directed to your website. The cost per click can be any thing between R0.70 ($0.10) to R70.00 ($10.00). But the nice thing is you decide how much you are willing to spend per click and how much per month. The more you are willing to spend the more promenant and regular will your advert be displayed.

So you are still in control of your marketing Budget. I will manage your per click advertising for you. COSTS = 10% of your monthly advertising budget.

Search engine optimizing

To run a business on the internet or to promote your business or organization, this is a must. How will possible clients find you on the internet? You need to be listed on the search engines and on the first 3 pages at least.

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Link Exchanges

Link Exchanges actually go's hand in hand with Search Engine Optimization. The More websites that links back to your website and has related information to that which on your own website, will help your search engine rankings.

The only way you can get websites to link to you is if you also add a link on your website to theirs.